Video Mapping Arc de Triomphe
Victoria Digital - Explainer
AIRxTOUCH - “La plume”
This is a commercial for the one bar that turns your shop window into interactive display : Airxtouch Agency/Director : Albert&Guy - Guillaume Quéré Production company : Cleoprod 3D Tracking/SFX : Alexandre Massart
Voeux 2016
Made in After effects, it's a gif loop for emails
Happy New Year 2016
42 Degrés
Présentation du restaurant 42 degrés par ses créateurs Emilia Lombardo et Fabien Borgel. Réalisation : Alexandre Massart Caméra : 5D mark III (Magic Lantern RAW) Objectifs : Canon 24-105mm, 17-40mm, Samyang f1.4 85mm
Teaser Weather Festival 2015
Production : URSUS / Director : Bechir Jiwee / Edited by Vincent Busnel / Compositing and color grading by Bechir Jiwee / Tracking and 3D by Alexandre Massart / Shot on Red Scarlet and Gopro (drone).
Bulle de Plaisir
Vidéo Promo du Spa Bulle de Plaisir. Filmé en RAW avec un 5D mark III. Objectif utilisés : 24-105 mm Canon / 17-40 mm Canon / 50 mm 1.8 Canon / 35 mm 2.0 Canon
Funky New Year :) 
A little shortfilm to whish everyone a Funky New Year 2013! Un petit court-métrage pour vous souhaiter une bonne et Funky New Year 2013! Directed by : Alexandre Massart Actors : Aubry Houilliez - Elsa Bougerie - Alexandre Massart Soundtrack : Julien "Pulse" Ozonder
Dancing for 2014
This video is part of a Parisian Christmas play brought to you here to wish you an Happy New Year 2014. This is the part after that Gabrielle tells everyone that she doesn't like Christmas, and the rest of the elves are trying to cheers her up by dancing with some disco barley sugar. It was shoot with an enhanced 5DmarkIII in RAW format of Magic Lantern. Edited in Premiere color graded in Speedgrade, effects in After Effects.
Nonsense Motion 
Here is my first stop motion video that I did after I received my first dolly for my T2i. I edited with Premiere and made some special effects with After Effects and Softimage.It was fun to do but not easy to shoot!! I made this video for fun, what's going on in it doesn't make sense, I just took out some toys out of a box, put them on my couch and improvised something up with a them.
Alexandre Massart Demoreel 2013
Director / Editor / 3D / VFX
1 an Médiamétrie Touch
Vidéo de l'anniversaire des 1 an de Touch by Médiamétrie. Filmé avec un 5Dmark III, 24-105mm f4.0, 35mm f2.0.
Electronic Arts Paris Press Event
Electronic Arts held a press event for its 4 new games coming out: Crysis 3 - Fuse - Dead Space 3 - Army of Two 3 Canon 6D with a steady cam
Just Dance 2015 Press Event
Just Dance 2015 Press Event Shot on Canon 5D markIII
Esprit de Noël 
Clip Esprit de Noël - Elsa Bougerie Chanson extraite du spectacle Lutins
Canon 6D RAW vs H264 
Here is my comparaison of RAW vs H.264 shot with a Canon 6D, it's just to show how sharp the raw is from the start, and how well it can handle color correction compared to the H264. The problem with the 6D is the moire which is more visible in RAW than with the H264 since it's sharper, and the other problem is the resolution, we can't shoot 1080p. Then there is the audio problem which I didn't really check yet, I read somewhere that we can start recording with a beep sound for external recording. The magic lantern version used in this video is from may 2013, and it's still an alpha version going through a lot of testing, it's not a final version, so maybe it's might become even better in few weeks, months, we can donate and hope. Thanx to all of the developers of Magic Lantern. The conclusion is my opinion, from my needs, the 6D is good enough in H264 when correctly set up and the scene correctly lit up, it's also good enough in RAW for many people at is it right now, but for me it's not so I guess I'll sell mine and get a 5Dm3 instead. If raw is important for you, then get a 5Dmark3 or a Blackmagic Camera or a Digital Bolex (looks promising but no footage yet), they are all around the same price. Music : General Fuzz - Comfort Zone
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